Why Hiring a Surrogacy Lawyer is Essential for Intended Parents

Are you considering surrogacy as a way to build your family? That’s amazing! Surrogacy is a beautiful way to bring a child into the world and it can be a wonderful experience for all involved. However, it’s also important to understand that surrogacy can come with its own set of legal and medical complexities, and that’s why hiring a surrogacy lawyer is essential for intended parents.

You might be wondering why you need a surrogacy lawyer, right? Well, let me tell you, a surrogacy lawyer is like a trusted advisor and guide who can help you navigate the often-complex landscape of surrogacy. They can help you understand your rights and responsibilities and make sure that everything is done legally and ethically.

A surrogacy lawyer can help you draft and review a surrogacy agreement, which lays out the terms and conditions of the surrogacy arrangement. This agreement can cover important issues like compensation for the surrogate, medical expenses, and decision-making authority during the pregnancy. Trust me, you want to make sure that everything is spelled out in writing and that you and your surrogate are on the same page.

And, let’s not forget about the varying surrogacy laws from state to state. A surrogacy lawyer can help you navigate these legal waters and make sure that your surrogacy agreement complies with the law in your jurisdiction. This can help minimize your legal and financial risks and give you peace of mind knowing that your surrogacy journey is being handled by a knowledgeable professional.

But that’s not all! A surrogacy lawyer can also help with any legal issues that may arise during or after the surrogacy process. For example, if there’s a dispute over the parental rights of the intended parents or the surrogate, a surrogacy lawyer can help resolve it. They can also assist with obtaining a pre-birth order, which establishes the intended parents as the legal parents of the child before the child is born. This is important for ensuring that the intended parents have the legal right to make decisions about the child’s medical care and future, and for ensuring that the child is eligible for health insurance and other benefits from the intended parents.

In conclusion, hiring a surrogacy lawyer is an essential step for intended parents who are considering surrogacy. A surrogacy lawyer can provide the legal support you need to navigate the complex and emotional surrogacy process with confidence. They can help protect your rights, minimize your risks, and ensure that you make informed decisions throughout the surrogacy journey. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to a surrogacy lawyer today!

About Attorney Nicole K. White

As a mother by gestational surrogacy and as a surrogacy lawyer, my goal is to help you experience the joy and fulfillment of starting or growing a family of your own through third party reproduction. Because I am a mother by gestational surrogacy, I know firsthand what you will need – answers to your questions, support and guidance – and, I know what you will go through when starting your family. My experience as a surrogacy lawyer helps me guide you through the financial, emotional and legal aspects of surrogacy and third party reproduction. I can say with confidence that few (if any) attorneys deliver the unique insight I can bring to your surrogacy journey.

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