Becoming a Surrogate: Qualifications, Requirements, and Eligibility Criteria

So you’re thinking about becoming a surrogate. That’s great, it’s a wonderful and selfless act to bring a baby into someone else’s life. But, let’s not forget that surrogacy is also a big commitment, both physically and emotionally. It’s important to understand exactly what being a surrogate entails and make sure you meet all the necessary qualifications.

First things first, your health is a big factor. The agency or intended parents want to make sure that you’re in good shape to carry a pregnancy. This means being physically and mentally healthy, having a healthy BMI, and not having any medical conditions that could put the baby or the pregnancy at risk.

Next, age is a consideration. Most surrogacy programs have age restrictions and you typically need to be between 21 and 45 years old.

It’s important to have a proven ability to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term. If you’ve had a successful pregnancy and childbirth in the past, that’s a good start!

Your lifestyle also plays a role. The agency or intended parents want to make sure you have a stable home life and support system, and that you’re able to take time off from work or other responsibilities to attend medical appointments and care for yourself during the pregnancy.

A background check is a must, and you’ll also need to provide personal references. Showing that you’re financially stable and have insurance coverage is also important.

The legal side of surrogacy can’t be ignored. It’s important to understand the legal requirements and implications, and to be willing to sign a legal agreement with the intended parents. And, of course, having a strong support system of family and friends who understand and support your decision to become a surrogate is crucial.

As you can see, being a surrogate is more than just being willing to carry a baby for someone else. It’s important to work with a surrogacy professional to make sure all the qualifications, requirements, and eligibility criteria are met, and that everyone is fully prepared for the surrogacy journey.

About Attorney Nicole K. White

As a mother by gestational surrogacy and as a surrogacy lawyer, my goal is to help you experience the joy and fulfillment of starting or growing a family of your own through third party reproduction. Because I am a mother by gestational surrogacy, I know firsthand what you will need – answers to your questions, support and guidance – and, I know what you will go through when starting your family. My experience as a surrogacy lawyer helps me guide you through the financial, emotional and legal aspects of surrogacy and third party reproduction. I can say with confidence that few (if any) attorneys deliver the unique insight I can bring to your surrogacy journey.

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