Testimonials & Endorsements

"I truly felt so lost and confused due to getting involved with a horrible surrogacy agency. Nicole took me by the hand and finally I felt that I was in the hands of someone who was ethical and knew exactly what she was doing. It was such a nice added bonus [to work with an attorney who had personally been through the surrogacy process], as she had walked in my shoes at one time and knew all the emotions and tons of questions an IP would have. I had so many questions for Nicole, but she never lost her cool with me. My overall experience with Nicole was excellent. I felt so confident and safe with her, as I knew that she knew exactly what she was doing. She is honest, ethical, efficient, and so knowledgeable. My only regret is that I did not find her sooner!!!! I recommend Kinsey Law Group/Nicole to anyone!!!!!!"

Intended Parent

"I had a great experience. Nicole was informative and patient. The fact that everything was pretty much taken care of online was great. I really appreciated the time and money we saved by not having to do in-office visits."

Intended Parent

I found the surrogacy process to be complicated, anxiety-provoking, and often opaque. Intended parents (IPs) are vulnerable to a seedy network of “professionals” who want to take advantage of the IP’s perceived desperation, and see them as an easy financial mark. Nicole has valiantly protected me from some of these people – and has been an incredible ally, providing me with a clear understanding of what is and isn’t contractually “normal” in the surrogacy world. She reviewed fee benchmarks, explained legal language as needed, and was extremely timely in her responses. She was a voice of calm and reassurance during a very stressful time, and worth every penny of her fees. I recommend her without reservation to any IPs who need legal services.

Intended Parent

Nicole is a very knowledgeable attorney and has a clear and approachable way of assisting her clients. She is very meticulous in detail and understands the challenges of running an airtight ship especially within the ART field. I admire Nicole's ability to look at an concern and see the many ways it can be resolved. I highly recommend Nicole and the Kinsey Law Group.

Sharon LaMothe
Surrogacy & Third Party Family Building Educator

Nicole is a colleague and a friend. She is a first rate attorney. I have referred numerous clients to her with confidence. It is without hesitation that I endorse Nicole.

Sonya Smith-Valentine
CPA and Attorney

Phenomenal Lawyer! Words cannot express how happy I am to have been connected to Nicole Kinsey for my estate planning! She was/is always there for me with my many questions and concerns. She made me feel comfortable in the decisions I had to make.

College Park, Maryland

I contacted Attorney White thinking that all I needed was a will. Following early contacts with Attorney White, she explained to me in simple terms why I actually need a Trust instead. This is due to complicated family issues, medical and legal issues related to an offspring and court issues related to my wife’ guardianship issues. Attorney White guided me through the process from A to Z. Several times I called her after hours and on weekends and she returned my e-mails or telephone calls after her office was closed. She is the greatest.

James B.
Upper Marlboro, Maryland

To God be the Glory for allowing our connection. It was meant for me to be directed to you for the Estate Planning Services. You were a pleasure to work with. Your honesty, warmth, and ability to inform with clarity was a blessing. Throughout the entire process, I remained comfortable and felt like you were a caring friend that wanted the best for your client!! Thank -you for your willingness to make sure I was clear with all of the terms and processes regarding my Estate Planning process.

Dianne T.
Fort Washington, Maryland

Great Experience‎! I want to take this time to tell others about my experience with Kinsey Law Group. I needed an estate plan and had talked to two other attorneys before I called Kinsey Law Group. I was very impressed with Ms. White. She explained estate planning so I could understand it, and I’m extremely happy with my estate plan. I feel comfortable and confident in her services.

Catheryne J.
Fort Washington, Maryland