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Are You Considering Surrogacy, but Don't Know Where to Start?

If so, you have come to the right place. I'm Nicole K. White, an assisted reproduction and surrogacy lawyer. I am also a mother by surrogacy, so I know firsthand what you are going through and what you will need - understanding, support, guidance and answers to your questions.

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"I found the surrogacy process to be complicated, anxiety-provoking, and often opaque. Intended parents (IPs) are vulnerable to a seedy network of “professionals” who want to take advantage of the IP’s perceived desperation, and see them as an easy financial mark. Nicole has valiantly protected me from some of these people – and has been an incredible ally, providing me with a clear understanding of what is and isn’t contractually “normal” in the surrogacy world. She reviewed fee benchmarks, explained legal language as needed, and was extremely timely in her responses. She was a voice of calm and reassurance during a very stressful time, and worth every penny of her fees. I recommend her without reservation to any IPs who need legal services." -VJ

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My Surrogacy Journey

My dream of having a family of my own was made possible through assisted reproductive technology (ART) and surrogacy.  After learning that I could not carry a child myself, my husband and I were devastated and overwhelmed, but our desire to have a child was strong. So, we decided to pursue IVF/gestational surrogacy to have a baby.

Thirteen months after starting the process, our surrogate gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I cannot begin to describe the flood of emotions I felt when my daughter was placed in my arms. I will never forget that day, and my husband and I will forever be grateful for our surrogate.  Three years later, we had another wonderful surrogacy journey that resulted in the birth of our son. 

However, as a new mom, I realized that the birth process was not the end of our journey.  What if something happened to my husband and me?  Who would take care of our children?  I knew something more had to be done to protect our children if the unthinkable happened.

I developed a process to help parents with minor children name guardians to take care of their children if the unthinkable happens.

The best part? It takes less than 30-minutes to do.

The process isn’t hard. It’s not complicated (it can be done in 6 easy steps).

Just click the blue button below and I'll show you:

  • How to name short- and long-term guardians for your minor children in 6 simple steps.
  • The common mistakes parents make when naming guardians for their minor children . . . and how to ‘undo’ those mistakes.
  • How to make sure the people you absolutely do NOT want caring for your kids are barred from doing so (and how to do this without embarrassment or uncomfortable confrontations).

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