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As a mother via gestational surrogacy, I am passionate about helping my clients experience the joy and fulfillment of starting or growing a family of their own through third party reproduction.  My knowledge and experience as an attorney and as an intended parent mean I know firsthand what you will go through and what you will need – understanding, ongoing support, guidance and a smooth process.

Also, as a mother I understand the enormous responsibility on parents to protect their families, especially minor children, with comprehensive Estate Planning.  This is even more critical for single parents.

Assisted Reproduction/

Maryland Assisted Reproduction Surrogacy Lawyer Nicole K. White

Estate Planning

Maryland Estate Planning Lawyer Nicole K. White

Estate Planning for Singles
and Single Parents

Maryland Estate Planning Lawyer for Single Parents Nicole K. White

Whether you are trying to start or expand your family through Assisted Reproduction/Surrogacy or if you are concerned about protecting your family and assets with Estate Planning, I will work with you and provide the solutions, guidance and support you need.

If you have any questions about my services or how I can assist you, I invite you to contact me at (301) 968-1630 or nicole @ anytime. Click here to see why clients choose Attorney Nicole White.   Read client reviews here.
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Nicole Kinsey White, PhD, JD
Maryland Surrogacy and Estate Planning Lawyer
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