Planning for Incapacity: Establishing an Incapacity Plan

The word “incapacitation” sounds frightening. Imagine lying in a bed and not being able to physically or mentally care for yourself or make decisions.  That is a scary prospect, right?  However, what’s even more frightening is being incapacitated and not having anyone with the legal authority to handle your finances or make medical decisions for … Read more

Do You Have a Backup Plan?

If you’re like most Americans, your day probably consists of eating, working, and squeezing in a bit of precious family time before you collapse into bed. Then you wake up to do it all over again. Sometimes, when you’re entrenched in day-to-day life, it’s hard to think about the future. For the sake of your … Read more

Is Your Estate Plan Up-To-Date?:An Estate Planning Checklist

If you’ve already met with your Maryland estate planning attorney to put together your wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other long-term plans, then congratulations!  You’ve taken a really important step toward being prepared for the future and making things easier on your family and friends should you pass away or become unable to make … Read more

Advice on Using a Safe Deposit Box

Once you’ve gone through your estate planning, you’ve likely become aware of just what valuables you have.  In many cases, such as jewelry, you may want to keep them in your home so you can have access to them whenever you would like.  In other cases, though, it makes sense to secure them in a … Read more

Do You Have a Succession Plan for Your Business?

When it’s time to start your estate planning process (that time is right now, by the way), you need to remember to take your small business into consideration.  Whether you own the entire business outright and work for yourself or you simply own a portion of the entity, you will need to leave instructions, or a … Read more