Independent Surrogacy vs Using an Agency: Which is Right for You?

So you’re thinking about surrogacy and you’re trying to decide whether to go with an independent surrogacy or use a surrogacy agency. Both options have their pros and cons, so it’s important to consider what’s best for you. Let me break it down for you:

Independent Surrogacy:

  1. Cost: By going independent, you may save money as you won’t have to pay for the services of a surrogacy agency.
  2. Control: With independent surrogacy, you have more control over the process as you are in charge of selecting your surrogate, fertility clinic, and other professionals.
  3. Personal connection: Independent surrogacy can create a stronger personal connection between the intended parents and surrogate, as they are able to communicate directly and build a relationship throughout the surrogacy journey.
  4. Time and effort: Independent surrogacy can be more time-consuming and complex as you will need to handle many of the tasks, such as finding a surrogate, negotiating contracts, and coordinating appointments.
  5. Legal responsibility: You will have more legal responsibility with independent surrogacy, so it’s important to have a solid understanding of the laws and regulations in your area.
  6. Research and legwork: You will need to do more research and legwork to find a suitable surrogate, which can be a time-consuming process.

Using an Agency:

  1. Support and guidance: A surrogacy agency can provide you with support and guidance throughout the surrogacy process, taking care of many of the tasks for you.
  2. Established relationships: Agencies often have established relationships with surrogates, fertility clinics, and other professionals, which can make the process smoother.
  3. One-stop shop: With a surrogacy agency, you can get everything you need in one place, which can save you time and effort.
  4. Screening and matching: Surrogacy agencies are responsible for finding and screening the surrogate, which can be a time-consuming and emotionally challenging process for intended parents.
  5. Insurance: Surrogacy agencies assist in obtaining medical and life insurance, which can provide intended parents with peace of mind and help to avoid financial disputes.
  6. Cost: Surrogacy agencies can be more expensive as you will have to pay for their services.
  7. Less control: With an agency, you may have less control over the process, and you may have to work within the agency’s rules and regulations.
  8. Agency rules: You may need to follow the agency’s policies and procedures, which can be restrictive.

As you can see, both independent surrogacy and using a surrogacy agency have their pros and cons. It’s important to weigh the options carefully and determine what works best for you.

About Attorney Nicole K. White

As a mother by gestational surrogacy and as a surrogacy lawyer, my goal is to help you experience the joy and fulfillment of starting or growing a family of your own through third party reproduction. Because I am a mother by gestational surrogacy, I know firsthand what you will need – answers to your questions, support and guidance – and, I know what you will go through when starting your family. My experience as a surrogacy lawyer helps me guide you through the financial, emotional and legal aspects of surrogacy and third party reproduction. I can say with confidence that few (if any) attorneys deliver the unique insight I can bring to your surrogacy journey.

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