Your Guide to the Surrogacy Process: Finding a Surrogate Mother

You have pursued your options, talked to the experts, and decided along with your partner that gestational surrogacy is right for your family. Once you have found a Maryland lawyer who specializes in assisted reproductive technology and surrogacy, you’re ready to proceed to the next step – finding a surrogate to carry your baby for … Read more

Your Guide to the Surrogacy Process: The Essential Reproductive Law Attorney

From the moment you decide to pursue gestational surrogacy or other fertility treatments, you need to have a reproductive law attorney who understands the ins and outs of the laws pertaining to assisted reproduction. Why is this so important? Consider a real-life example. A Binding Agreement Mimi Lee and Stephen Findley decided to have five … Read more

The Difference Between Gestational Surrogacy and Traditional Surrogacy

You’re eager to begin building the family that you and your partner want; but for various reasons such as health or infertility, that hasn’t been possible by natural means. Fortunately, assisted reproductive technology is an option for you and for other intended parents. Before you move ahead with your chosen path, you need to understand … Read more