Do You Have a Succession Plan for Your Business?

When it’s time to start your estate planning process (that time is right now, by the way), you need to remember to take your small business into consideration.  Whether you own the entire business outright and work for yourself or you simply own a portion of the entity, you will need to leave instructions, or a … Read more

Important Elder Care Strategies for Dementia Patients

Elder care lawyers in Maryland work with families to prepare for any number of situations in the estate planning process.  One circumstance which is especially relevant to elder care law is dementia.  After all, Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are almost exclusively conditions which appear or worsen with age. Along with the emotional turmoil … Read more

Elder Lawyer Perspective: Legal Concerns for Caregivers

Elder lawyers in Maryland work not just with our older clients, but also with their caregivers.  In many cases, this means adult children who have or will be given power of attorney, not to mention those who just step up to help when something is needed.  There are some legal issues which seem to arise … Read more

How Do You Treat Children Fairly When It Comes to Estate Distribution?

Wills and trusts lawyers in Maryland see just about every circumstance which results from a parent’s death.  Some siblings handle the wills and trusts administration (or estate distribution) gracefully and with dignity, while others turn to squabbling and pettiness.  When we work with our clients, they are often very concerned about how to treat their … Read more

Sharing Financial and Legal Information with Your Family

Every family has its own approach when it comes to talking about financial and legal information.  Will and trust lawyers see everything from very open and transparent situations to those where discussions of money are considered taboo.  In reality, families which are at the estate planning phase should be having at least some superficial conversations … Read more

Using a Pet Trust as Part of Your Estate Planning

No matter how much you love your pets and feel they are “part of the family,” they are generally seen as property by Maryland courts and are therefore treated accordingly.  This can cause some concern for pet owners who want to ensure their pets are well-cared-for and able to transition as smoothly as possible after … Read more