Important Elder Care Strategies for Dementia Patients

Elder care lawyers in Maryland work with families to prepare for any number of situations in the estate planning process.  One circumstance which is especially relevant to elder care law is dementia.  After all, Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are almost exclusively conditions which appear or worsen with age. Along with the emotional turmoil … Read more

How to Start Conversations with Your Aging Parents

There are several aspects of estate planning in Maryland that are less than fun, and that means that a lot of people choose to put the process off indefinitely.  There’s the need to gather a lot of documentation together, pay for an estate planning attorney, and not insignificantly, to contemplate one’s own death.  Adult children … Read more

Who Will Pay for Your Long Term Care?

Many people approach estate planning attorneys to determine how their assets will be divided among survivors after their death.  Unfortunately, a huge number of them don’t take into consideration the high likelihood of long term care.  Elder law attorneys in Bethesda and Largo see this situation come up time and again, and it is important to educate clients on the options they have available.

First of all, long term care is a very likely scenario.  People are now living longer than they ever have before.  This can be a great thing, but it also means that the period of time in which we cannot fully care for ourselves may be longer, too.  More and more people find that they truly need some form of long term care.  In some cases, this can be handled through an in-home healthcare worker rather than in a nursing home, but even that is expensive.

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Long-Term Care Awareness: Facing the Facts and Being Prepared

Long-term care is an issue most people avoid like the plague.  No one likes to think about getting old, losing their independence or having to spend any length of time in a nursing home or other long-term care facility.

Because of these fears, many people tune the issue of long-term care planning out all together.   They plug their ears to the warnings of their financial advisors, doctors and even close family and friends that the time to plan for the inevitable is now.

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