Building Your Family with Gestational Surrogacy


When you take the first steps towards creating a family of your own, it seems like it should be the easiest thing in the world. Then months go by with no success, and you begin to wonder if something could be wrong. Next come countless visits to doctors and specialists, endless tests and trials and techniques, all with the same heartbreaking results.

No matter how long or painful your journey has been so far, there is hope. With the technology and medical expertise available today, you have options. Whether you’re entering parenthood on your own or with a partner, you can still have the family that you want— a baby conceived and birthed to be uniquely yours.

If you’re not inclined or able to adopt for various reasons, you can build your family through gestational surrogacy. Gestational surrogacy takes many forms, but in essence it means that a woman carries your baby for you throughout the nine months of pregnancy. At the end of the pregnancy, she delivers the baby, who is legally yours. In most cases, the baby is genetically related to you, your partner, or both.

As you can imagine, gestational surrogacy is a complex process. You’ll need a lawyer who is an expert in the legal issues faced by intended parents like you. You’ll also need a support system of friends and family who understand your chosen path to family-building and who can be there for you along the way.

The surrogacy story is different for everyone. Sometimes, couples choose gestational surrogacy for health reasons, such as a disease, a past surgery, or another physical issue. Other couples select surrogacy because of their sexual orientation, their age, or their marital status.

There are differences in the type of surrogate you can use, as well. A gestational carrier may be a woman you know— perhaps a close friend or a relative. In other situations, you can find a surrogate mother through an agency. Once you find a gestational surrogate that fits all of the recommended qualifications, as well as your own personal list of qualifications, you’ll need an attorney to help you with contracts, compensation questions, communication, and other key issues. With an excellent assisted reproduction/surrogacy lawyer, you’ll understand the process better and feel more confident in the outcome.

Whatever your reasons for choosing gestational surrogacy, you are pursuing a dream that matters to you. With the right legal advice, financial planning, and support system, you can make your dream a reality.

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About Nicole K. White

As a mother via gestational surrogacy, Nicole is passionate about helping her clients experience the joy and fulfillment of starting or growing a family of their own through third party reproduction. Her knowledge and experience as an attorney and as an intended parent mean she knows firsthand what you will go through and what you will need – understanding, ongoing support, guidance and a smooth process.

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