The Truth about Surrogacy Myths

With modern medical advancement, new fertility treatments, and a growing awareness of surrogacy, you have more options for becoming a parent compared to a few decades ago. However, for some, once you tell your friends and family of your choice, you may encounter some ignorance and stigma. Even in this enlightened age, there is a … Read more

Estate Planning for Single Adults

Estate planning for single adults can be a little more complex when compared to a married couple. If you have minor children, you have to designate guardians for them. If you’re child-free, you have to think about whom to choose as your beneficiaries. The number of decisions involved may seem overwhelming, but when you have … Read more

Revocable Trust Myths

When you’re going through the estate planning process, you have a lot of options to consider. One such option is the revocable trust or living trust, which is a substitute for a traditional will. While some people choose such trust for excellent reasons, others do so because of revocable trust myths. Educate yourself about the … Read more

Tax-Saving Education 529 Plans

Whether you already have children or you’re planning to start a family soon, you have probably pondered your kids’ futures and wondered how you can smooth their pathway to higher education. Many parents consider it part of their responsibility to help fund their child’s college tuition. It’s one way of setting your kids up for … Read more