Why It’s a Mistake to Name a Married Couple as Your Child’s Guardian

Statistics show that 69% of parents do not have a legal guardian named who can raise their kids if something tragic happens to them.  When parents do think about naming guardians for their minor children, many parents consider naming a married couple when they really have only one member of the couple in mind.

If you are thinking about naming a couple as guardians for your minor children, there are some things you need to consider.  What if something happens to that one person? Would you still want the surviving spouse to raise your kids? Say, for example, that you named your brother and his wife as guardians of your children. If something happened to your brother, would you want his wife to raise your kids or do you have an alternate guardian in mind for that situation? This scenario is often overlooked, but could lead to big problems! Make sure that your guardianship plan addresses this issue.

If you would like to learn more about naming guardians for your minor children, let’s sit down and talk.  I would be happy to discuss your guardianship and estate planning needs.  Simply call our Bethesda or Largo  office at 301-968-1630 and ask to schedule a Peace of Mind planning session.

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About Nicole K. White

After losing a close relative, Nicole witnessed the devastation, enormous expense and chaos caused by not having a simple estate plan. It is Nicole’s mission to educate parents, especially single parents, about protecting themselves, their families, minor children, and assets with comprehensive Estate Planning.

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