Maryland Estates Lawyer Explains The Importance of Creating a Will Now

As a wills and trusts lawyer in Bethesda and Upper Marlboro, it’s easy to see why so many people put off writing their will.  After all, no one really wants to think about their own death, let alone prepare for it.  In reality, though, preparing by creating a will is exactly what we should all be doing.  There are plenty of reasons to consider, and any reputable wills and trusts lawyer will be able to go through the list with you to ensure that you are protecting your assets and the people you love.

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Trust attorney in Bethesda and Upper Marlboro Asks, “Do You Need a Gun Trust?”

When it comes to wills and trust administration, it seems like we see it all here in Bethesda and Upper Marlboro.  From pet trusts to special needs trusts, there are a variety of unique circumstances that need to be addressed in many people’s estate planning.  One such concern is that of a gun trust.

Wills in Maryland are created specifically to dictate how one’s assets are to be distributed, and trusts do the same, while sometimes affording extra protection and benefits.  Those who collect guns for various reasons often have reason to add this type of protection to their estate plan.

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Bethesda and Upper Marlboro Estate Planning Lawyer Explains How a Prenuptial Agreement is a Key Piece of Estate Planning Too

If you’re thinking about having a prenup drawn up before you tie the knot in Montgomery or Prince George’s County, you may want to find an attorney who focuses on estate planning, too. Perhaps surprisingly to some, a prenuptial agreement can be a key piece of estate planning documentation.  Many couples in Bethesda and Upper Marlboro see the importance of creating a binding prenuptial agreement to protect their assets and plan for their future.

Today, blended families are far from unusual.  During the newlywed planning phase, the couple needs to consider what happens to “yours, mine, and ours” in the event of divorce, as well as death.  You may each have certain items or financial support that you want designated specifically for your own biological children, and a prenup in combination with estate planning documents is used to make these wishes known.

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Maryland Estate Planning for Couples Marrying Later in Life

Couples who choose to marry later in life have different concerns from those marrying earlier, and a good Bethesda estate planning lawyer can help you make the right decisions for your circumstances.  Each situation is a little different, but there are some fairly common topics that should be considered:

  1. Do the husband and wife have grown children?  If so, then the estate plans will likely need to include specific instructions regarding how inheritance will work.  This is fairly important to ensure that each biological and step child receives what the parent wishes, rather than allowing Maryland laws to supersede your desires.

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Estate Planning – It’s About Taking Care of Your Loved Ones

I hear the same excuses over and over….

I don’t have an “estate.”

I have more debt than assets.

The only thing I have is my home.

As you may have guessed, these are excuses that people make for not preparing an estate plan. These people are sadly misinformed. They think estate planning is only about money. Estate planning does take care of financial issues, but the way I see it, the most important reason for doing an estate plan is for the benefit of the people that you leave behind.

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Bethesda Estate Planning Attorney Discusses 5 Misconceptions About Trusts

When it comes to estate planning in Maryland, there are many misconceptions.  Over the years, I have noticed some common themes in the way some people think about Trusts. In this post, I will discuss 5 common misconceptions I regularly encounter when helping people in Bethesda and Upper Marlboro get their financial affairs in order.

Misconception #1: Revocable Living Trusts are only for large estates. No.  Revocable Living Trusts are for anyone who wants to avoid costly conservatorship and probate proceedings.  In appropriate cases, people with small estates can benefit from a Revocable Living Trust.  People with larger estates can benefit even more.

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A Montgomery County Probate Lawyer Provides a Quick Overview of the Probate Process


In some circles, “probate” almost feels like a dirty word.  There are plenty of reasons that a person may prefer to skip the probate process, when possible, but it is a fact of wills and trust administration.  The details of probate can vary somewhat from place to place.  For example, probate in California will likely be different from probate in Maryland.  There are such differences, in fact, that separate proceedings are necessary for an individual with estates in both states.  This means that involving a probate lawyer from Bethesda is usually the best choice for those who are local.

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Maryland Estate Planning that Incorporates Your Pets

Many clients who seek out estate planning in Bethesda and Upper Marlboro have concerns when it comes to caring for their pets.  After all, our pets rely on us for everything, although we all know that we gain so much in return.  When engaging in estate planning with an attorney, you likely want to ensure that your steadfast companion is well cared for after your passing.

One approach is to actually set up a Pet Trust.  This type of trust is created here in Maryland specifically to take care of your special companion animal or animals when you are no longer able to do so.  When setting up a pet trust, your attorney will ask you to make a few considerations:

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