23 Red Flags That Signal When Your Will or Living Trust is Out of Date

Estate Plan ReviewI offer clients the opportunity to sit down with me to conduct an estate plan review at least once each year.  However, this doesn’t mean you should wait until your next estate plan review if your circumstances change.  This Estate Planning Checklist identifies events that could make a significant impact on your estate.  If any of these events occurs, please call me.  For your protection, we may need to amend or revise one or more of your estate planning documents.

Changes Involving You or Your Spouse

1.  You get married.

2.  You and your spouse divorce.

3.  Your spouse dies or becomes incapacitated.

4.  Your health changes.


Changes Involving Your Children, Grandchildren or Other Beneficiaries

5.  You have a child.

6.  You adopt a child.

7.  Your child marries.

8.  Your child divorces.

9.  Your child becomes ill.

10.  One of your beneficiaries experiences an economic change, good or bad.

11.  One of your beneficiaries proves to be financially irresponsible.

12.  One of your beneficiaries has a change in attitude toward you.

13.  One of your beneficiaries dies.


Changes in Your Economic Condition

14.  The value of your assets increases or decreases.

15.  Your insurability for life insurance changes.

16.  Your employment changes.

17.  Your business interests change, such as becoming involved in a new partnership or corporation.

18.  You retire from your business or profession.

19.  You acquire property in a different state.

20.  You move to a different state.

21.  Changes in tax laws.

22.  You inherit assets from family or friends.


Changes to a Person Named in Your Estate Plan

23.  Something happens to a person named in your estate plan, such as the death or incapacity of your personal representative, executor, trustee, guardian or conservator.

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About Nicole K. White

After losing a close relative, Nicole witnessed the devastation, enormous expense and chaos caused by not having a simple estate plan. It is Nicole’s mission to educate parents, especially single parents, about protecting themselves, their families, minor children, and assets with comprehensive Estate Planning.

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